Increase Your Profit Margins Instantly

Below is a calculator to demonstrate how you can increase your profits per job by using Screen Magic. We have supplied you with some example numbers to use (in blue). To be as accurate let me explain how to determine your real numbers based on your business.

1. Your labor cost per hour: This is probably the most important number. Every self-employed owner in the service industry needs to put a value on time just like a accountant or construction worker. It should be at least $50 per hour but $100 per hour is more likely. Remember to take into account your overhead, insurance, taxes etc. At $50 per hour each minute is worth .83 cents.

2. Average time it takes to clean a screen: When entering the minutes it currently takes you to clean the screens be sure to include the time from when you take it off, rinse it, scrub it, rinse it again let it dry to make sure their are no streaks.

3. Average number of screens per job: Put in any number you like on this one.

4. What do you charge per screen on average: We put the average screen at 3' x 4'. You may charge different amounts for differnt size screens so just use a average. We hear as low as $3 to as high as $15. The results also tell you your cost per screen and per job which is shown in orange. Chances are you may have never calculated what it actually cost you in labor to clean a screen. Most people are shocked to see the real number. Unfortunately if your scrubbing screens the profit per screen usually has a "-" negative sign in front of it.

Screen Magic Cost Savings Calculator
Fill This Out
Your current labor
cost per hour
Average time to clean
a screen in minutes
Average number of
screens per job
What do you charge
per screen on average
Current Way
Your current labor
cost per screen
Current time spent per job
cleanuing screen IN HOURS
Your current profit
per screen
Your current screen
profit per job
With Screen Magic
New cost per screen using
Screen Magic including labor
Time spent when using
Screen Magic IN MINUTES
Profit per screen
using Screen Magic
Profit per job
with Screen Magic
The results when using Screen Magic are the boxes in green and are based on it cleaning 3' x 4' screens. On average it only takes 1 1/2 minutes per screen when using Screen Magic. That is the time it takes to spray Screen Magic on the front and back and quickly wipe down the screen with a micro fiber towel. You will use on average 1 1/2 oz of Screen Magic per screen. Each Oz of Screen Magic cost only .15 cents which equals .22 cents per screen. With Screen Magic you can clean the screen right at the window sill saving all the time it takes to walk all the screens to the driveway and back to scrub them. Remember time is money!